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Welcome to the LRTA Health Suite!

Mrs. Boone, BSN, RN

Welcome, I am Mrs. Boone and I am the proud school nurse at Loch Raven Technical Academy.  In addition to being a school nurse, I am a pediatric ER nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Prior to becoming a nurse, I was a fourth grade teacher.  My education and work experience have allowed me to find the perfect job as the school nurse at LRTA! 


Nurse Duties

·     Assess students and staff who come into the health suite with medical issues.

·     Educate students and staff on healthy ways of living.

·     Evaluate student immunizations.

·     Record and update student health files.

·     Dispense medication to students who have a physician’s order and a discretionary medication form on file signed by the parent or guardian.

·     Work closely with faculty and staff to facilitate the mental and physical well-being of the students.


Health Suite Reminders

·     Parents who would like their students to have over the counter medications for minor ailments during the school day must complete the “Consent-for-Admin-of-Approved-Disc-Meds.2020.pdf.

·     Students who require prescribed medications for medical diagnoses such as (not limited to) Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures, Migraines must have the “Request to Administer Medication Form.pdf” completed by their physician.

·     All rising seventh-grade students must have the state-required MCV and Tdap immunizations before starting the new school year. 



News and Resources

The extended closure due to COVID-19 has been challenging for many. Many families have experienced loss of work or working from home while taking care of children and/or supervising distance learning. These circumstances can create stress and anxiety for all members of the family.  Listed below are resources that may be useful during this unprecedented time. Please feel free to access the following resources during the remainder of the school closure as needed.

·     Health Suite Newsletter

·     Asthma and COVID-19

·     Maryland Coalition for Families


Health Suite Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via phone, fax or email.

·     Phone:   443-809-5499

·     Fax:  443-809-3518

·     Email:

Health Suite Newsletter

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