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Mrs. Alaoui

Why are school libraries important?

Fast Facts

  • “Studies confirm that more access to books and reading material in general results in more independent self-selected reading. More independent self-selected reading results in more literacy development.”
  • Krashen, S., Lee, SY, and McQuillan, J. 2010. “An analysis of the PIRLS (2006) data: Can the school library reduce the effect of poverty on reading achievement?” CLSA Journal, 34 (1).
  • School librarians and teachers make a strong instructional team combining their knowledge of pedagogy, resources, and technology to meet the specific needs of each student.
  • American Association of School Librarians. 2011. School Library Programs Improve Student Learning: Teachers. Chicago: ALA.
  • Student test scores were higher the more time librarians worked cooperatively with classroom teachers, the more they taught information literacy independently, and the more they provided in-service training to teachers.
  • Lance, Keith Curry, Marcia J. Rodney, and Christine Pennell-Hamilton. 2000. Measuring Up to Standards: The Impact of School Library Programs and Information Literacy in Pennsylvania Schools. Greensburg, PA: Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries.



BCPS students have access to BCPL ebooks and print books. See Ms. Love to get the information you need to access the ebooks in the BCPL collection.

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