Physical Education and Health

Physical Education presents a varied and flexible program in which students acquire physical fitness, physical skills and socially desirable habits of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and character as well as an interest in wholesome recreation.

The purpose of Health Education is to develop health-literate students; young people who can think things through and make healthy choices in solving their own problems.  The students are taught to make responsible choices that benefit themselves and others.

The LRTA PE/Health Department


Course Taught

Email Address

Teddie Martinez

6th grade PE/Health [email protected]

Mary Barranco

6th/7thgrade PE/Health

[email protected]

Corin Gwin

7thgrade PE/Health

[email protected]

John James,
Content Leader

8thgrade PE/Health

[email protected]

Jim Shepherd


8thgrade PE/Health and Adaptive PE

[email protected]