The science program at LRTA aims to prepare students to be scientists in the real world.  These rising, middle school scientists observe, try to solve real-world problems by collecting relevant data and knowledge, and share the scientifically-sound solutions with others.  Using curricula developed under the direction of the Office of Science for both standard science classes and G/T science classes, teachers in all grade levels provide a hands on/minds on lessons for students.

The science curricula include real-world problems and challenges for all students to solve using the skills and processes of science.  Each grade level investigates many types of sciences each year, including Earth/Space Science, Life Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science.

Presently, the teachers for this exciting program at LRTA are as follow:       

6th Grade Science

Mr. Andrew Peregoy*

Ms. Sarah Sade

Ms. Alesa Shepherd

7th Grade Science

Mr. Philip Clark

Ms. Sarah Sade

8th Grade Science

Ms. Allison Burnett

Ms. Elizabeth Kreutzer

*Mr. Andrew Peregoy-  Science Department Chairperson