LRA Foundational Priorities

  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment: With the guidance and resources of Baltimore County, LRTA is developing and implementing mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment that is coherent, focused, well-articulated, and consistent with research in the field, and focused on increasing student learning.  Instruction is planned with the goals of rigor and engagement for the students.  Technology is infused in the lessons to increase both the engagement and interaction of the students.
  • Equity: Teachers infuse in every aspect of mathematics education, a culture of equity where everyone is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.  Teachers are committed to support the success of students through quality mathematics classroom instruction and coach class assistance.
  •  Professional Development: The Office of Mathematics for Baltimore County and the staff of LRTA provide professional development to all stakeholders to help ensure all students receive the highest quality mathematics education.

LRA Staff and Assignment

Mrs. Illiano           Grade 6                 Math 6 and GT Math 6                                                             

Ms. Hicks             Grade 6                  Math 6         

Ms. August           Grade 7                  Math 7

Ms. Powell           Grade 7 & 8           Math 7 & Math 8  

Ms. Bundick         Grade 6, 7, & 8      Math 6, Math 7, & Math 8            

Ms. Czajkowski     Grade 8                 Math 8                                        

Ms. Magsamen      Grade 8                 GT Algebra 1 & Algebra 1

Ms. Larkin             Grade 8                 GT Geometry and Honors Algebra 1