Magnet Overview

Arts Exploration: Students may select a pathway in either the performing or visual arts.


Students selecting Performing Arts are provided with a variety of opportunities including steel pan percussion and theatre (incorporating drama, movement, and song). Students are prepared for individual and ensemble performances and are required to perform for a variety of audiences.


In Visual Arts, students develop skills in the areas of drawing, painting, and sculpting from direct observation and apply those skills through marketable art products (computer graphics, fashion, jewelry and product design). Students may earn high school credit by successfully passing the Visual Arts exam and a portfolio review.


Conservation Sciences


Students study the interrelationships between organisms and their environments, focusing on exploration of aquatic, environmental, and earth/space sciences. Students have the opportunity to take high school exams in all three areas for high school credit. This program provides a broad foundation for students who wish to continue in a high school science magnet program.



Law & Finance


Students participate in a one-to-one tablet classroom to explore a wide variety of topics and problem-based learning activities in economic literacy and the legal system in the 21st century. The program prepares students for success in high school finance, law, and related career and technical programs.


Students have the opportunity to take the Juvenile Justice high school exam for ½ high school credit.