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The heart and soul of our video program is the Studio.  Created in 1996, the Studio has been providing daily Morning Announcements for more than 12 years.  This student produced program shares information about upcoming events, honored students and staff, and recent happenings with the school community.  The anchors Imagefor the Morning Show are members of the Performing Arts Magnet program, and rotate through their announcements duty as part of their course requirements.  The permanent crew members, who operate the equipment, Imageapply for membership in the Studio homeroom, and then apprentice before becoming part of the crew. 

Incoming 6th graders wishing to join the permanent crew should see Mr. Wolf in September for an application.  6th and 7th graders wishing to join next year's crew apply in March.  All crew members earn service hours.  Crew members are required to have excellent attendance, and be able to be at school by 7:50 am.

In recent years we have moved beyond just the Morning Show.  We now make high quality recordings of school concerts, plays, and other special events.  DVDs of these events are sold to raise money for the studio programs.  The students involved in these recordings learn the skills needed for live event recordings, which is much more demanding then the typical morning show production. 

Our video program is increasingly supporting curriculum instruction.  Science students create environmental PSA's and practice their knowledge of meteorology by being weather forecasters, complete with chroma keyed weather maps.  Law students have created PSA's on the Bill of Rights.  Oral history projects take on new meaning through video.  Foreign language students review their progress by watching themselves via video from Ms. Lubin's classes.

To order a DVD of a LRA event, please send cash or money order (NO CHECKS), along with the order form, to Mr. Wolf.  The best time to come by is before the Morning Show.  If the requested DVD is not immediately available, it will be delivered to the student's homeroom.  All DVD's are $10.  The DVD's currently available are:


School Concerts Plays Other events
All concerts from 2009 through present  


All plays from 2009 through present  


End of the Year videos shown


at the 8th grade promotion


ceremonies in June.