Registration Information





  • Student registration must be completed by the parent or legal guardian.


  • The following documents are required for registration:


Birth certificate

Immunization record

Maryland Student Transfer record (if transferring from another Maryland public school)

Copy of student’s most recent report card

Copy of student’s standardized test scores

Copy of IEP/504 (if applicable)


  • The following documents are required for residency verification:


    1. Photo identification for parent/legal guardian. (If an address appears on this document, it must reflect the current address.)


    2. One of the following documents:


      Signed settlement sheet


      Real estate tax bill

      Mortgage coupon book

      Lease or rental agreement from a real estate management company or commercial lessor

      Lease or rental agreement from a private party owner. [Documents that establish ownership by the private party must also be submitted. These may include the private party’s real estate tax bill, mortgage coupon book, deed, etc.]



    3. Three current documents (dated within sixty (60) days of the date submitted) to establish parent/legal guardian’s name and current address. These items may include:

      Federal or State income tax return

      MVA Vehicle registration

      Utility bill

      Cable bill

      Bank account statement

      Charge account/credit card billing statement

      Mailing from government agency

      Mailing from a Baltimore County public school or office

      W-2 form for the current year

      Paycheck/paystub stating name and address

      Voter’s registration card

      Mailing from a health center

      Notarized statement from an employer

      Change of address notification from The United States Postal Service

      Court documents

      First class mail from a business or agency


  • Additional documentation may be required when discrepancies exist within documents submitted by the parent/guardian. Students will not be enrolled unless and until all documentation is complete.


  • If the parent/guardian states that the student is domiciled with the parent/guardian in a residential dwelling unit located in Baltimore County with another person or persons, (Shared Domicile), the parent/guardian is required to complete the shared domicile arrangement process with the residency officer, Mr. Barrouck at 443-809-7794, prior to the registration appointment.


  • If the parent/guardian resides in temporary housing, or lacks permanent housing, you are required to contact the pupil personnel worker Ms. Merrifield at 443-809-7877.